Terms & Conditions

Author responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the author/s to ensure:

  • The Manuscript is an original work and sole property of the Author(s) and that the manuscript has not been published and is not subject to publication in another journal. Also, significant parts of the work have not been published.
  • Written permissions were obtained as it is required to include any copyrighted material in the manuscript. The author(s) understand that an appropriate acknowledgment of the source and permission to include in the manuscript from the copyright holder must be obtained and is the author(s) sole responsibility. Further, all trademark usage within the manuscript must be properly credited to its owner, or a written permission to use the name must be granted and secured by the author(s).
  • All data in text citations and their respective references are properly sourced and credited
  • The manuscript does not violate other copyright or proprietary right, and that it is not in any way contain any libellous, defamatory or confidential material liable to infringe any law or contractual obligation; and the Author(s) agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Journal and its publisher from and against any and all legal fees, damages, or other costs resulting from proceedings related to this matter.
  • The author(s) agree(s) that this Journal does not necessarily endorse the statements expressed in the article
  • To sign a publishing agreement prior to publishing of the manuscript
  • Any conflicting or competing interest is disclosed on submission of their work


The Journal undertakes to:

  • Upload the electronic version of the Work online and enable open access to the Work at all times under normal business conditions.
  • Send a hard copy to the authorized author;
  • Carry out or foster all actions aimed at increasing the manuscript’s visibility and publish, reproduce, distribute, and disseminate in all forms and media and will authorize other reputable third parties to do the same.