The Relations between Macedonia and Serbia


  • Dejan Marolov “GoceDelcev” University


Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bilateral Relations


This paper will treat the relations between Macedonia and Serbia. The separation of the Republic of Macedonia from the Yugoslav federation was carried out in totally peaceful way and without any military confrontations with its neighbor Serbia. This situation was the basis and gave hope for building great future relations between the two countries. However, things were not going so easy. The existence of aggressive regime of Milosevic in Serbia and his tendency to make Serbia a regional superpower were not the best basis for building an equal relationship between the largest former Yugoslav and most powerful military Republic of Serbia and the small and virtually without military power Republic of Macedonia. This paper will mostly rely on qualitative research methods. In this why we will be able to present the current relations between the two neighboring states including the historical factors too.

Author Biography

Dejan Marolov, “GoceDelcev” University

PhD, “GoceDelcev” University, Faculty of Law, Stip, Republic of Macedonia