The Heroism of Romanian Soldiers from Comarnic, Prahova, during the First World War


  • Angela Nasulea Clubul Copiilor Martha Bibescu Comarnic
  • Cristina Ilincuta Simion Stolnicu High School Comarnic


Romania, Romanian Army, Prahova Valley, Comarnic, WWI


The purpose of this article is to initiate a discussion on Romania’s situation during the First World War. Beyond the military operations, which often ended in failure, as they were wrongly conceived and designed by the Great Military Headquarters, one can see the heroism of the Romanians. We intend to integrate the local history along the Prahova valley with the reality of the Great war at national and international level. The local heroism is illustrated by the examples offered by the sacrifice of the soldiers of Comarnic (a town situated along the Prahova valley), who fought in the most important battles of the war. At the same time, we intend to show the impact of the German military occupation upon the civilian population by giving examples of the destruction recorded in the towns along the Prahova valley. The evocation of the local history leads to cultivating national feeling, almost one century since the fulfilment of the unitary Romanian state.

Author Biographies

Angela Nasulea, Clubul Copiilor Martha Bibescu Comarnic

Educational Management and European Integration, BA - English and French Language and Literature at “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi.

Cristina Ilincuta, Simion Stolnicu High School Comarnic

MA – International Relations and Euro-Atlantic Integration, BA - Contemporary History at the University of Bucharest, Member of The Society of Historical Sciences in Romania.