Copilaș, Emanuel, Geneza leninismului romantic. O perspectivă teoretică asupra orientării internaționale a comunismului românesc 1948-1989, prefață de Michael Shafir, Institutul European, Iași, 2012


  • Ionut Mircea Marcu University of Bucharest


The number of academic contributions related to certain topics regarding the history of the Romanian communist regime is very high. Some themes have especially received a lot of attention from scholars. The foreign policy of Romania during 1944-1989 is one of those. But, there is still room for relevant research, mainly because the conceptual and methodological frameworks used by historians and political scientists have evolved a lot. Emanuel Copilaș`s book, The Genesis of the romantic Leninism. A theoretical perspective on the international orientation of the Romanian communism 1948-1989, is trying to apply new concepts and methods of research in order to better explain the variations in the foreign policy of communist Romania.

Author Biography

Ionut Mircea Marcu, University of Bucharest

M.A. student, Faculty of History, University of Bucharest






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