The 2014 Teluk Intan Parliamentary By-Election in Malaysia


  • Ariff Aizuddin Azlan UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA
  • Mohammad Tawfik Yaakub University of Malaya (UM).


Pakatan Rakyat, by-election, Teluk Intan, Barisan Nasional, Malaysia


Democracy, by definition, is fit to be perceived as the equality of political right. The 2014 Teluk Intan parliamentary by-election contributed towards improving the indicator of democracy. This by-election also witnessed a direct contest between GERAKAN, one of BN component parties, and DAP, a member of the opposition PR coalitions. This paper analyses that this by-election had posed serious formidable challenges for both competing parties. It also looks at the campaign strategies and issues during the ongoing campaign sessions. The result, however, did not reflect the expectations held by the DAP, as it thought that it could maintain the present status quo. The study concluded that, instead of achieving electoral victory, DAP was caught in its internal unexpected crisis, irrespective of the PR coalition members, and, thus, failed to retain its former seat within the context of parliamentary democracy.

Author Biography

Mohammad Tawfik Yaakub, University of Malaya (UM).

PhD candidate in Political Science, Institute of Graduate Studies.