Iran and Romania: Old Allies, New Times (1990-2016)


  • Dragos Sebastian Becheru Faculty of History University of Bucharest


Iran, Romania, trade, industry, diplomacy


This paper analyzes the evolution of the diplomatic, political and economic relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Romania. The study begins with a historical background of relations up to 1990 and follows the evolution of bilateral ties up to the present day. The research tracks the evolution of relations in tight correlation with the internal political struggle in both states. At the same time, it takes into consideration the broader regional and global tendencies that influence objectives, options, perceptions and decisions in Bucharest and Tehran. Ultimately, the subject is connected to the Eurasian balance of power in the post-Soviet world.

Author Biography

Dragos Sebastian Becheru, Faculty of History University of Bucharest

PhD student at the University of Bucharest with a Master‟s degree in The History and Practice of International Relations